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Official SMooHS Project Reports
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application/pdf D5_3 Comparative Testing.pdf Report on comparative testing 13.04 MB Download
application/pdf D6_1 Case study 1 Museum Island small.pdf Case study 1: Museum Island 5.78 MB Download
application/pdf D6_2 Case study 2 Minster Schwäbisch Gmünd and St Johns Church.pdf Case study 2: Minster Schwäbisch Gmünd and St Johns Church 6.56 MB Download
application/pdf D6_3 Case study 3 Palazzo Malvezzi.pdf Case study 3: Palazzo Malvezzi 14.57 MB Download
application/pdf D6_4 Case study 4 Zahdeh Building Hebron.pdf Case study 4: Zahdeh Building Hebron 5.08 MB Download
application/pdf D6_5 Case study 5 Schoenbrunn Palace.pdf Case study 5: Schoenbrunn Palace 10.08 MB Download
application/pdf D7_2 SMOOHS Monitoring Guidelines SMOOHS Monitoring Guidelines 6.26 MB Download

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