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Expected Results

At the end of the project small modular wireless sensor networks and autonomous wireless sensors will be available that
  1. could be used in combination with any kind of low power sensors,
  2. provide self organizing and reorganizing network functionality,
  3. have very low power consumption with optimized soft- and hardware functionality and (iv) achieve sufficient methodologies for data analysis, data fusion and data reduction.

Additional software will be available which is:
  • user friendly, to be used by practitioners in the field,
  • modular (modules for specific questions arising at the object to be monitored and sensor combinations),
  • open source, for maximum transparency,
  • open for extensions and new modules, also from other research groups.
The modularity and open source concepts are most important for providing a dynamic tool, which can and will be updated and broadened continuously with new research results, both from partners within this project team and from other research groups with their special expertise.

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